Gavin Bond photographs Sir Ridley Scott for his Honorable Fellowship Award by BAFTA.

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1.31.18 // Gavin Bond


2.21.18 // Copious // READ MORE

Join us at Convoy Studios March 1st for an exhibition featuring some of our artists here at Copious.

2.21.18 // gavin bond // READ MORE

Gavin Bond photographs the Krypton campaign for SyFy

Mary Ellen Matthews photographs Will Farrell for SNL

2.8.18 // Justin Coit // READ MORE

Justin Coit photographs the latest WHO WHAT WEAR collection for Target.

2.8.18 // Carter Smith // READ MORE

Carter Smith photographs Sharon Stone for the cover of Vanity Fair Italy.

2.7.18 // Gavin Bond // READ MORE

Gavin Bond photographs Michael B Jordan for the cover of British GQ.

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2.7.18 // Justin Stephens // READ MORE

Justin Stephens photographs the key art for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO. 

2.6.18 // Tony Kelly // READ MORE

Tony Kelly wins The American Society of Magazine Editors award for RuPaul cover for Entertainment Weekly. 

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2.6.18 // Brian Higbee // READ MORE

Brian Higbee photographs Joel Kinnaman for the Spring cover of Men's Health. 

2.5.18 // Brian Higbee // READ MORE

Brian Higbee photographs Melissa Benoist for The Laterals. 


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