Gavin Bond photographs James Blunt for his new album "Once Upon A Mind".

9.2.19 // Gavin Bond


8.6.20 // Gavin Bond // READ MORE

Gavin Bond's image of Angus Young featured on the cover of Rolling Stone Germany.

Mary Ellen Matthews photographs the key art for L.A.'s Finest on Fox.

Brian Bowen Smith photographs the key art for United We Fall on ABC.

7.28.20 // Nino Muñoz // READ MORE

Nino Muñoz photographs the key art for Don't Look Deeper on Quibi.

7.23.20 // Nino Muñoz // READ MORE

Nino Muñoz photographs Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye featured in Gentleman's Journal. 

7.23.20 // Pamela Littky // READ MORE

Pamela Littly photographs Kid Cudi and Travis Scott for their new album "The Scotts".

CBS morning show interviews Brian Bowen Smith for their A More Perfect Union segment this morning. Click HERE to view the video. 

Mary Ellen Matthews photographs Colin Jost for his memoir A Very Punchable Face

Brian Bowen Smith photographs Demi Moore for her new scripted podccast Dirty Diana for QCode

7.13.20 // Justin Coit // READ MORE

Justin Coit photographs Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power for the launch of their new clean wine brand, Avaline.